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Tracés, n°42/2022

Tracés, n°42/2022

Sans contact

Edited by Mathieu Aguilera, Alice Doublier, Stéphane Le Courant, Camille Paloque-Bergès, Jean-Baptiste Vuillerod



This volume dedicated to the "contactless worlds" aims to reflect upon the social uses and functions of proximity and distance, relationships with others and on the breakdown of these relationships in social and historical contexts. Based on the ongoing experience of Covid-19, which has raised the question of contact in our societies, this volume proposes a series of reflections on social contact: first, the social significance of distance, its meaning for deep social structures and power relationships; second, the individual and political practices of distancing from the point of view of experience; finally, an epistemological discussion about the scientific bias of "contactless", particularly the consequences of contactlessness for respondents in social research studies.