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À quoi sert la comparaison internationale en éducation ?

À quoi sert la comparaison internationale en éducation ?

Entretiens Ferdinand Buisson

What is the use of international comparisons in education ?

There was a huge media coverage when PISA results were published in December 2016. For years, it is noticed a growing attention for international comparisons, as opportunities for benchmarking of educational systems, for best or worst. What's the point of international comparisons in education ? How PISA and other international comparisons are understood and used ?

Is it enough to gather data from several countries to account what it really happens ? International comparison is not narrowed in OCDE investigations.

Other researches or international exchanges, where people go out of their own education system, may help educators and academics to better grasp the different and real meanings of educational process which seem superficially the same.

As for each Entretien, researchers and practitionners exchange their ideas in order to foster relationships between academic research and professional practices.