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Mots. Les langages du politique, n°127/2021

Mots. Les langages du politique, n°127/2021

Discours climatosceptiques

Edited by Albin Wagener, Renaud Hourcade, Christian Le Bart, Camille Noûs

Mots. Les langages du politique

Discourses on climate denialism

In recent decades, as alarming evidence of anthropogenic global warming has accumulated, some conservative groups have continued to endorse or support sceptical discourses structured by the contestation of science and radical opposition to the dominant climate agenda. Issue 127 of the review Mots explores the enduring presence of climate change-denying messages across a variety of discourse topics with a view to shedding light on this surprising capacity for resilience. Whether linked to the Brexit campaign in the United Kingdom, covered in the francophone written press, echoed in anti-vegan discourse on social networks or reframed through the promotion of technological solutions, the articles gathered in this issue show how climate sceptical discourses have become instilled in a variety of conservative topics, and that they are finally managing to maintain their presence in the social debate.