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Repères, n°60/2019

Enseigner et apprendre l'orthographe aujourd'hui

Edited by Caroline Viriot-Goeldel, Catherine Brissaud

Repères - Recherches en didactique du français langue maternelle

Teaching and learning spelling

This issue of the journal Repères presents ten articles on the subject of practices for teaching spelling in primary and secondary schools and their effects on pupil performance. They illustrate current developments in these practices. First of all, they reflect a tendency towards collaborative learning. They also illustrate a shift from a tradition of memorisation and application to a need for reasoning and understanding of the linguistic system, for example in group discussions where pupils have to agree on spellings. They also reflect the gradual integration of digital technology into the teaching and learning of spelling. Finally, these developments require teachers to master skills which should be better covered during training, for example having a sound understanding of how the writing system works or developing their ability to understand and improve pupils' reasoning.