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RDST, n°21/2020

Contenus et curricula

Edited by Joël Lebeaume, Abdelkarim Zaid, Nathalie Magneron

RDST - Recherches en didactique des sciences et des technologies

Contents and curricula

Curricular issues hold a paradoxical position within research in science and technology didactics. While scientific and technological teaching is undergoing profound reconfigurations, thus prompting research focusing on curricular points of view, it is indeed struggling to structure a curricular perspective as such. The articles in this special issue offer an overview, and aim to identify some characteristics, of didactic questions from various curricular perspectives. The first article questions connection by teachers between the "exploring the world" domain and the other domains of nursery school, as part of a non-disciplinary curriculum. The second article examines the effects of the energy concept teaching within a common transversal content to the four specialties of the STI2D sector, by teachers with different specialty anchors. The third article studies the evolution of the construction of figures of the didactic subject through science textbooks since 1958. The last article discusses and offers a didactic model for a skills-based engineering of a vocational training curriculum.