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Laboratoire italien. Politique et société, n°18/2016

Gramsci d'un siècle à l'autre

Edited by Romain Descendre, Fabio Frosini

Laboratoire italien

Gramsci From One Century to Another

This issue of «Laboratoire italien» reports on the current state of the research on Gramsci in Italy. From the point of view of their subject matter, the contributions collected in this issue can be divided into two main areas, which ultimately feed on each other: the editions, on the one hand, and on the other, the critical studies. The first section hosts contributions on the new editions, framed in the project – started in 1990 and still in progress – of the the Edizione nazionale degli scritti di Antonio Gramsci. In particular, it gathers essays on the new editions of the Prison Notebooks, the Writings 1910-1926 and the Correspondence. These articles give an account of the innovations – both in the method and content – that these new editions have produced. The section opens with an extensive essay by Gianni Francioni who studies the way Gramsci worked through the manuscript of the Notebooks, revealing its structure and diachronic features in the light of the latest philological findings. The second section collects studies on certain issues and concepts previously neglected, and that in the last two decades are emerging as crucial: pragmatism, linguistics, the interpretation of fascism, of corporatism and post-liberal societies, the category of "translatability", the relationship with Vico's philosophy. The issue is concluded (third section) by Giuseppe Vacca with a comprehensive overview of the most significant interpretations of Gramsci in Italy in recent years.