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Fureurs et mélancolie

Fureurs et mélancolie

Philosophie, théologie et poésie à la Renaissance

La croisée des chemins

Rage and melancholy
Philosophy, theology and poetry in the Renaissance

What is the meaning of an enquiry into lifestyles which go beyond the ordinary ? How does an excessive and boundless human power assert itself ? Can rage and melancholy represent the anthropological model of such power ? This book analyses such questions through studying the major authors of the Renaissance, whose philosophy is centred on rage and melancholy, starting with Marsilio Ficino, Pico della Mirandola, Leo the Hebrew and Giordano Bruno. Although connected through a constitutive relationship, rage and melancholy seem to develop in a relatively autonomous way. Without the surplus or the excess expressed by a furious form of power, no acts or words that are properly « creative » exist, since every creative act involves a deep transformation of customary rules, be they ethical, political, or aesthetic.