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Mots. Les langages du politique, n°130/2022

Mots. Les langages du politique, n°130/2022

Circulation des discours dans les récits complotistes

Edited by Valérie Bonnet, Arnaud Mercier, Gilles Siouffi

Mots. Les langages du politique

Circulation of discourses in conspiracy narratives

The discursive dimension of conspiracy has been the subject of a growing number of studies over the last ten years. The purpose of this issue of Mots, and its originality compared to other recent works on this subject, is to focus specifically on the interdiscursive and mimetic practices at work in its discourse. The aim of this dossier is as much to identify the linguistic points that crystallise this circulation as to develop and share a theoretical analysis toolbox.

Of course, the study of these interdiscursive dimensions requires the previous exploration of the socio-political

conditions of collective mobilisation that favour these reiterations, or the technical conditions of discourse propagation. Beyond these parameters, the figure of the enunciator also weighs in the circulation of conspiracy discourses.

All in all, this dossier proposes a combination of diverse methods and disciplines: data sciences, language sciences and information and communication sciences, textometry and network analysis, semiopragmatics and textometry. To these methods have been added reflections on literary history, discourse analysis and semantics, which bear witness to the protean character of the subject.