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Repères, n°59/2019

La lecture et l'écriture littéraires à l'école à l'aide de l'album jeunesse : quelle progression?

Edited by Élaine Turgeon, Ophélie Tremblay, Séverine De Croix

Repères - Recherches en didactique du français langue maternelle

Literary reading and writing at school using children's books: what progress is being made ?

This issue focuses on the topic of pedagogical sequence and progression from early childhood to adolescence. It provides insight into the concept of "progression" in writing and reading using the youth album from two perspectives. The first, didactic, concerns sequencing content within the planning of learning activities by teachers and how they are implemented in the classroom. The second, developmental, sheds light on learners' reading and writing processes through the use of the youth album. The contributions from both perspectives show a strong link between two types of progression. The issue consequently addresses the theme of progression under three pedagogical lens: content progression in a program or sequence; progression as planned by a teacher in a specific activity or sequence; progression of a student in the acquisition or mastery of a specific learning content or ability.