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Mots. Les langages du politique, n°129/2022

Mots. Les langages du politique, n°129/2022

Migration et crise : une co-occurrence encombrante

Edited by Laura Calabrese, Chloé Gaboriaux, Marie Veniard

Mots. Les langages du politique

Migration and crisis: a cumbersome co-occurrence

This dossier focuses on the framing of migratory phenomena as a crisis, with particular attention to discourses produced outside the media, whether or not they have been exploited by the media. It brings together contributions from researchers in sociology, political science, information and communication sciences and language sciences, who investigate both the discursive constructions of the migration crisis and the crisis of discourses on migration. Based on the Belgian, German and Italian cases, as well as that of the High Commission for Refugees, they examine what the crisis discourse does to reception, while showing its limits. Therein lies the originality of this issue of Mots. Les langages du politique: rather than measuring the hegemony of crisis framing through its effects on migration policies or public opinion, the articles gathered here highlight the forms of resistance that are more or less strongly asserted at the very heart of the reception systems set up in Europe.