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Mots. Les langages du politique, n°133/2023

La République au-delà du slogan

Mots. Les langages du politique

Invoking "the Republic", calling oneself a "Republican"... Does the term Republic still have any meaning? This is doubtful, given the multiplicity of uses to which it is put, as if it had become so malleable that it could be used to mean anything and everything. The texts in this issue show that the polysemy of the word is less a reflection of the evanescence of its meaning than of a polymorphous debate on the definition of citizenship in a world marked by deepening individualism and increasing inequality. Drawing on a variety of disciplinary backgrounds – political philosophy, sociology, language and information and communication sciences – they decipher the dynamics of the dialogue of the deaf to which the Republic often gives rise, while highlighting the fundamental issues it tends to obscure: how can political emancipation be reconciled with social determinism, a community of values with pluralism, democratic debate with a republican front?

Annabelle Seoane
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Angeliki Koukoutsaki-Monnier, Annabelle Seoane, Nicolas Hubé, Pierre Leroux
Mots. Les langages du politique, n°125/ 2021
Discours de haine dans les réseaux socionumériques
Hate speech on social media