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Métropoles, n°27/2020

Les enjeux fonciers vus d'en bas. Quand les mobilisations des propriétaires fonciers se font citoyennes

Edited by Emilie Roxane de Flore, Sonia Guelton


This issue deals with land properties and analyses the land ownership power on the construction of the City. The conflicts initiated by land ownership are analyzed from the point of view of the inhabitants and their relations with the other stakeholders involved in the urbanization process. Public authorities are concerned but less known actors can also lead the changes. Relationships are decrypted in original situations. The consequences of these relations on the planning process, alliances and power plays are considered in the socio-spatial dynamic of urban fabrics.

Three axes structure the subject through the proposed articles: the appropriation of land rights by the inhabitants, the process of mobilizing these inhabitants for collective and civic purposes, and the role played by intermediaries in negotiations and conflict resolution.