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Métropoles, hors-série 2018

10 ans : Numéro anniversaire

Edited by Stéphane Cadiou, Julie Pollard


10 years : Anniversary Issue

What are the main features of urban studies in France? Which issues, methodological approaches and theoretical approaches constitute this field of study? What are the blind spots? How does this field contribute to international debates on urban studies?

This special issue, for the tenth anniversary of the journal Métropoles, takes a look back at urban studies in France. It also opens new research perspectives and suggests promising fieldwork for those interested in urban and metropolitan phenomena.

This introduction also presents the structuring of this special issue around four axes. The first set of articles locates the trajectory of Métropoles with regards to the evolution of its ambitions and contents, as well as editorial context. The second set of articles brings together scientific investigations, which collectively question the conditions of criticism in urban studies. The third part focuses on the issue of metropolization in cities in the South, exploring areas that have not yet been adequately covered in the journal. Finally, several portraits close this special issue. They invite the reader to reconsider disciplinary boundaries and interfaces between social and political worlds.