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Repères, n°68/2023-2

Nouveaux objets et nouveaux contextes d'enseignement de l'oral

Repères - Recherches en didactique du français

New objects and new contexts in the teaching of oral language

Where do we stand in the teaching of oral language? This issue of Repères, devoted to new objects and new contexts in the teaching of oral language, aims to take stock of the progress made in this area. Through two comparative studies between French-speaking countries and Portuguese-speaking countries, a retrospective of this teaching is offered to shed light on its evolution in research and teaching practice, as well as through official texts. The new objects are formalised through design research or collaborative research which develops levers for transforming practices by involving teachers in the work of developing sequences or systems. Finally, research into the analysis of teaching practices and teaching materials sheds light on how reading aloud is implemented at primary level, in teacher training and in vocational secondary schools.

Joaquim Dolz
lien IdRef : 035789786

Élisabeth Nonnon, Joaquim Dolz
Repères, n°41/2010
La notion de progression dans la pratique et la réflexion sur la langue de l'école au collège