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Collection : Éducation et savoirs en société
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Nathalie Auger
Enfants gitans à l'école et en famille
Gypsy children at School and in their families
D'une analyse des dynamiques langagières en famille aux pratiques de classe
From an Analysis of the Dynamic of Family Languages to Class practices
Éducation et savoirs en société
This book seeks to describe the language dynamics of Gypsy children in family and at school in order to better understand the issues related to their academic success. This work is anchored in the humanities and social sciences, in particular in language sciences to propose an articulated answer to this particular issue.

Clémentine Gozlan
Les valeurs de la science
The values of science
Enquête sur les réformes de l'évaluation de la recherche en France
Survey of research evaluation reforms in France
Éducation et savoirs en société
Through an empirical survey based on interviews, archives and observation, his book presents the portrait of the academics who reform the standards of the scientific profession, within a new body of scientific evaluation, the AERES.

Sonia Birocheau
Incarner un modèle progressiste : la professionnalisation de l'enseignement à Chicago (1890-1940)
The Making of the Professional Teacher in Progressive-Era Chicago
Éducation et savoirs en société
Using Chicago as a case study, this book provides a new historical analysis of Progressive-Era reforms to professionalize teaching and, to a lesser extent, the principalship.

Véronique Rivière, Nathalie Blanc
Observer la multimodalité en situations éducatives : circulations entre recherche et formation
Observing Multimodality in educational contexts : relationships between research and training
Éducation et savoirs en société
If multimodal components of communication are studied for a long time in different scientific fields and provide now relevant frameworks for the analysis of social signification, of the organisation of interaction and share of cognition, this book offers to consider them in their relation to professional training in educational contexts.