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Collection : La Croisée des chemins

Research, heritage, controversy - these are just some of the forms the movement of ideas can take. The history of thought is not restricted to grandiose and impenetrable systems; it also includes a large volume of speeches, polemics, and conceptual migrations from one branch of thought to another. The "La croisée des chemins" collection publishes texts on the subject of intellectual history and its current impact: philosophy, political and legal theory, the aesthetics and challenges of scientific practices. It also sets out to promote foreign research in these areas and to make available to readers the key texts which are regarded as milestones in this history.


• ISSN : 17658128
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Jacques-Louis Lantoine, Marine Bedon
L'homme et la brute au XVIIe.
Human and brute in 17th century.
Une éthique animale à l'âge classique ?
An animal ethics in early modern philosophy?
La croisée des chemins
The book questions the representations, debates and arguments supported by the authors of the 17th century about the relationship between men and beasts, also called "brutes" at that time. No animal ethics appears in their writings, but this absence cannot be related to the mere expression of irrational prejudices.

Jean-Baptiste Vuillerod
La naissance de l'anti-hégélianisme
The Birth of Anti-Hegelianism
Louis Althusser et Michel Foucault
Louis Althusser and Michel Foucault
La croisée des chemins
Against a simplistic view of Louis Althusser's and Michel Foucault’s anti-Hegelianism during the 1960s, the book goes through the early works of these philosophers to shed a light on the importance of Hegel for the elaboration of their problematic. the book aims to explain how they elaborated their thought by an immanent critique of Hegelianism.

Sandrine Alexandre
Juger conformément à la valeur
Essai sur le jugement et la valeur dans la pensée stoïcienne
La croisée des chemins

Pierre-François Moreau, Michaël Pouteyo
Fernand Deligny et la philosophie
Fernand Deligny and Philosophy
Un étrange objet
A strange object
La croisée des chemins
For more than sixty years, Deligny has built a body of work around children on the fringes. A work that inextricably links theory and practice, opportunities and attempts, writing and cinema. By a thought of both the immutable and the circumstantial; by a look that turns out – in an unusual sense – to be deeply and differently political.

Pierre-François Moreau, Matteo Vincenzo Alfonso
Phénoménologie et marxisme
Perspectives historiques et legs théoriques
La croisée des chemins

Marie-Frédérique Pellegrin
Pensées du corps et différences des sexes à l'époque moderne
Body image and gender differences in the Early Modern period
Descartes, Cureau de la Chambre, Poulain de la Barre et Malebranche
Descartes, Cureau de la Chambre, Poulain de la Barre and Malebranche
La croisée des chemins
This book is a study of two major conceptions of gender difference in the modern era: that of Descartes and that of Cureau de la Chambre. Their legacies are complex, from Poulain de la Barre's feminist egalitarianism to Malebranche's inegalitarian differentialism.

Charles T. Wolfe, Pierre-François Moreau
Lire le matérialisme
Reading Materialism
La croisée des chemins
These essays focus on the problem of materialism in the history of philosophy, in different contexts, some classic, some less so (mind-body relations, the status of the brain, the issue of atheism, but also, dreams, embodiment; laughter and the emergence of a "new materialism" in contemporary thought)

Jacques Martin, Jean-Baptiste Vuillerod, Étienne Balibar
L'individu chez Hegel
Hegel's Philosophy of the Individual
La croisée des chemins

Claude Gautier
Voir et connaître la société
Seeing and Knowing the Society
Regarder à distance dans les Lumières écossaises
Observing at Distance during the Scottish Enlightenment
La croisée des chemins

Alain Patrick Olivier, Maiwenn Roudaut, Hans-Christoph Schmidt am Busch
Nouvelles perspectives pour la reconnaissance
New Perspectives in Recognition Theory
Lectures et enquêtes
Readings and Investigations
La croisée des chemins
This volume introduces the reader to contemporary debates on recognition; examines the strength of the theories and arguments that shape these debates; analyzes the historical origins of the paradigm of recognition; and discusses the critical potential of recognition theories.

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