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Paolo Consentino, Lucie De Los Santos, Enrico Mattioda
Laboratoire italien. Politique et société, n°14/2014
Paroles d'exil. Culture d'opposition et théorie politique au XVIe siècle

Xavier Tabet, Marco Fincardi

Marion Morellato, Mario Vaudano
Pétrole et corruption
Oil and bribery
Le dossier Mi.Fo.Biali dans les relations italo-libyennes (1969-1979
The importance of Mi.Fo.Biali Case in the relations between Italy and Libya (1969-1979)
Gouvernement en question(s)
When colonel Gadhafi came to power in Libya in 1969 he appeared to be aggressive but open to illegal trafficking with Italy and he offered weapons against oil. He thus helped to build a corrupted system in Italy. This book aims at understanding this system, relying on different sort of sources particularly an original source, Mi.Fo.Biali Case,