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Christian Plantin
Dictionnaire de l'argumentation
Dictionary of Argumentation Terms
Une introduction aux études d'argumentation
An Introduction to Argumentation Studies
In the Dictionary, argumentation is presented simultaneously as a linguistic, social and critical activity, used both to explore and to justify issues arising in ordinary life, as well as theoretical and practical issues within specialised fields.

Nathalie Auger
Enfants gitans à l'école et en famille
Gypsy children at School and in their families
D'une analyse des dynamiques langagières en famille aux pratiques de classe
From an Analysis of the Dynamic of Family Languages to Class practices
Éducation et savoirs en société
This book seeks to describe the language dynamics of Gypsy children in family and at school in order to better understand the issues related to their academic success. This work is anchored in the humanities and social sciences, in particular in language sciences to propose an articulated answer to this particular issue.

Angeliki Monnier, Anabelle Seoane, Nicolas Hubé, Pierre Leroux
Mots. Les langages du politique, n°125/ 2021
Discours de haine dans les réseaux socionumériques
Hate speech on social media

Marie-Claude Penloup, Yves Reuter, Régine Delamotte
Repères, n°53/2016
Décrocher à l'école : la part du français
The school dropout problem: a didactic approach studying the impact of French teaching
This issue of Repères is innovative in that it sets out to plug this gap by addressing the school dropout problem from a didactic perspective, focusing on school subjects and the French language in particular.