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Christian Del Vento, Philippe Audegean, Xavier Tabet, Pierre Musitelli
Le bonheur du plus grand nombre
The Happiness of the Greatest Number
Beccaria et les Lumières
Beccaria and the Enlightenment
La croisée des chemins
This book examines the way On Crimes and Punishments (1764) gave birth to modern criminal law and paved the long road towards the abolition of the death penalty and torture in Europe. Written by prominent Beccaria scholars, the seventeen chapters provide interdisciplinary perspectives: , it furthers our understanding culture of today's world.

Jean Ehrard
Hors Collection
Montesquieu's voyage around Europe lasted from April 1728 to May 1731. This volume gathers together all that remains to us of his notes from the journey. Faithful to the original manuscripts and enriched with notes by specialists of the countries in question and art historians, the work refreshes and deepens our knowledge of these texts.

Catherine Volpilhac-Auger, Philip Stewart
Œuvres complètes de Montesquieu
19 - Correspondance, II
Hors Collection
These 288 letters span the period between Montesquieu's return from travelling and the completion of L'Esprit des lois. They evoke the Parisian literary and scientific scene, news of politics and wars, and, of course, Montesquieu's major works. The writer also reveals himself to be an attentive father and shrewd proprietor.

Pierre Rétat
Œuvres complètes de Montesquieu
7 - Défense de l'Esprit des lois
Hors Collection
This volume brings together everything that Montesquieu wrote between 1749 and 1755 in defence of L'Esprit des lois.